Gina Grande is a commercial director and independent filmmaker with a 20 year background in the industry.

Straight out of college she landed her first film job as a script supervisor and has never had a “real job” since. She worked on over a hundred commercials and more than 40 features, shows, and pilots such as “Friday Night Lights”, “Idiocracy”, “Predators”, “The Hitcher”, and “Spy Kids”.

In her 5 years as a commercial director her client roster has grown to include Sunny D, Mott's, Doritos, Chuy's Restaurants, SmartyPants Vitamins, and HEB and she has directed two short films, “The Cyclist” which premiered at the Durango Film Festival, and “Unconditional” which is currently in post production.

As a female director, she's good with girly stuff but can hang with the Sportos and Motorheads too.

“I'm not intimidated by working with kids or real people- Real people are just actors with no actor-y hang-ups. Kids are just real people, but shorter. And actors are just kids, but need more attention.”

Her joy for what she does makes for a good time on set and a great finished product for all her clients.

(And she can palm a basketball.)